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Album Description

"Flight" is an explosion of exquisite sounds, unique songs and improvisations. The music ranges from the haunting lyricism of the panpipes to the intense flight of the soprano saxophone, grounded in the evocative sounds of the unique, hand-crafted sd-1 five string bass, multiple percussion, voice and keyboards.

Saxophonist Brian Brown brings the creativity, imagination and passion for which he is renowned and blends it with the exciting sounds of a new generation of Australian musicians. Featured are keyboardist Sue Johnson, percussionist Alex Pertout and bassist Scott Dunbabin. This passionate music resonates with the space and beauty of the Australian landscape. It is a personal statement that reflects the independent nature of the Australian creative spirit. One of Brown's greatest contributions to improvised music is his persistentbelief in the importance of seeking a personal voice and his commitment to developing an Australian identity in improvised music.

"Not to be missed. The awesome inventiveness and musicianship, intelligent composition and shifting counterpoints keep you hanging out for more." Leon Gettler, The Age.

Album Tracks

  1. Flight
  2. Remember Me
  3. For The Love Of
  4. Time With You
  5. Twentty Seven Years
  6. Friendship
  7. Bowhorn In Space
  8. Still Point
  9. Sea Of Mystic Light
  10. Shwaa
  11. Be Thy Light

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