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Music On Hold

$66 + GST per month plus installation.
Your 12 month plan includes:
Music player
6 bi-monthly program updates
Free player maintenence
Bi-monthly track listing
'Newmarket Music on Hold is an original
soloution to providing your customers with
quality entertainment whilst
waiting on hold.'
Quality entertaining music presented to your clients in a 'radio styled program', whilst they wait on hold!
Carefully selected australian artists play the best of Jazz, Blues and World Music, all in an easy listening radio format.
Each bi-monthly program will include a variety of new releases, old favourites and award winning songs from the Newmarket Music catalogue.
Simple! We'll arrange for our 'easy to use' music player to be installed into your existing phone system by our accredited installer Auswide Communications. All you need to do is turn the power and you'll start entertaining your customers right away!
A cost effective simple to use system using a flash card for playback so there are no moving parts! There is no need to keep turning the unit on and off as it handles 24/7 continuous play.
Every 2 months we send you a new flash card with a fresh collection of tracks.
Call us now for an instant demonstration
03 8378 2299

What is included in the programmes?

60 minutes of original music and artists selected from the Newmarket Music catalogue. Radio style back announcements with artist, track name and Newmarket Music’s website present the program in an easy listening format for your clients to enjoy whilst waiting on hold.


What kind of music does Newmarket Music on Hold play?

A mixture of Jazz, Country, Indie, Blues and World Music.


How do I receive new program cycles?

Every cycle (2 months) a new program card will be posted to you together with a stamped self addressed return envelope for the old program card to be returned to Newmarket Music. Simply follow the easy to use instructions to swap over the program cards for the new cycle! You will also receive a playlist detailing track name, artist and album that each track was lifted from.


When are the cycles delivered?

You will receive each new cycle one week before the new cycle commences, giving you plenty of time to swap over the program cards.


What are the cycle dates?

1st February to 31st March
1st April to 31st May
1st June to 31st July
1st August to 30th September
1st October to 30th November
1st December to 31st January


How do we pay?

Payment for a 6 cycle (12 month) period is required in advance by Direct Deposit, eftpos, credit card or cheque.


How much does installation cost?

$100 to $300 dependent on your phone systems. Auswide Communications will contact you to provide a quote.


Do I need an APRA License?

Yes, for any type of on - hold music entertainment an APRA license is required. You can contact APRA at licence@apra.com.au or phone 1300 852 388. Please click here for further details.


What happens if I don’t swap to the new program cycle?

The current program will continue to play for two weeks after the cycle end date. After that it will stop playing until the program card for the new cycle is inserted.


What happens if the player breaks down?

Newmarket Music provides free maintenance on players and memory cards. If you are having a problem, simply return it to Newmarket Music to receive a replacement straight away.


What happens if I want to cancel the service?

You simply need to let us know. We need the player and program card to be returned to Newmarket Music and then, any unused cycles will be refunded except the first 2 cycles which are non-refundable.