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Steve Sedergreen - Points In Time

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Album Description

A talented and highly charismatic jazz pianist and teacher/author, Steve Sedergreen has made a vital and indelible imprint on the Australian jazz scene over the past 25 years. He possesses an exceptional improvisational sensibility that is true to the spirit of jazz. His latest album, Points In Time, is a 12-song collection of original material, written at various points in Sedergreen’s stellar career, all reworked and re-imagined.

“The tracks on Points In Time capture the three main writing periods of my life: that of a young 20 year old music student; then as a little-bit-more-mature 28 year old musician; and finally as a man in his 40s, a jazz improviser focused on deep listening,” – Steve Sederegreen.

Points In Time is an extraordinarily varied collection, reflective of the different eras of composition. “This is the album I had to make. I have entered the most creatively exciting phase of my career thus far and I knew the first step was to reflect on the music I have written and performed over the past two decades” –Steve Sedergreen.

“The older recordings on Points In Time demonstrate Steves talent as a writer, arranger and band leader. His most recent recordings demonstrate the beauty of whats possible when you remove the structure, listen deeply and improvise from your core. What you discover are musical moments that are as engaging for audiences as they are for the players; moments in which you listen so intently you forget everything, even forgetting to breathe. Its music overflowing with emotion. Its art.” – Derek Guille


Track Listing

  1. Constraints In Construction
  2. The Trophy Revisited
  3. Prayer For Lost Souls
  4. Future Waltz
  5. Miss Happiness
  6. Centenary Blues
  7. Mr. Sensitive Lives Here
  8. The Pink Glove
  9. Rolling Along
  10. Resolution
  11. Unspoken Responses
  12. Slow Recovery Today

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