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Radio Newmarket is the internet radio station for Newmarket Music.

Radio Newmarket showcases an impressive roster of local and international artists. With content stretching back to the late eighties it features some of Australia's finest award winning jazz.

You'll hear jazz of all kinds every day.

Our award winning jazz artists include Graham Bell A.O. M.B.E (Australian Jazz 'Bell' Awards), ARIA and APRA award-winning artists Allan Browne and Joe Chindamo, The Syncopators, Margie Lou Dyer, Andy Vance, The Red Onions, as well as contemporary jazz artists; James Carter, Nick Abbey, Chris Young and more.

At night, there's an eclectic mix of blues & roots, folk, indie, alternative, cinematic, pop, rock and country. Featuring artists like Broderick Smith, Matt Taylor, Julian Curwin, The Tango Saloon, Umlaut, The Eastern, Sean Foran & Hayward Williams, Alex Baudo, Chopper Read and Margot Moir.

Newmarket's parent company Dex Audio are well known for designing and building audio solutions for recording studios, public address, showrooms and art spaces as well as broadcast. So Newmarket Music is well placed to have their own dedicated internet station to present and sample our entire catalogue.

Enjoy listening to Radio Newmarket, just click play on the radio at the right. Listen whenever you want or while browsing our catalogue.

You can also listen to Radio Newmarket at your favourite internet radio sites: https://www.radio-australia.org/radio-newmarket